Are you looking for an expert massage therapist in the downtown area? Great news San Diego: here we are!

San Diego Shiatsu & Massage is owned by a skilled massage therapist with extensive experience at a world famous destination spa as well as a luxury cruise line. We want to share the world's best service with you! Now you don't need to go to a destination spa or cruise to experience luxury at its best; escape your stress right here in downtown San Diego.

What is "Shiatsu"?

Eastern Cultures are famous for our knowledge and techniques in the areas of natural health and well being. We would like to share this with you! We focus on Feng Shui for your body, and find your perfect balance between Yin and Yang. In addition, we provide a Japanese medical massage technique known as Shiatsu. Sometimes called "Japanese Acupressure", Shiatsu is an ancient technique which has been proven effective throughout countless centuries.

Massage is a natural form of therapy and can aid your body's natural ability to heal. We will help you relieve pain and enable you to freely move your neck, shoulders and lower back. You can also benefit from a sharper, more focused mind and increased energy. Our goal is to help and support your healthy life.

Spa services are available by appointment only.